Full 316(b) Compliance EvaluationsEntire Cooling Systems Cooling Tower The Condesnser Specialists

  • Tube Material Selection
    Matrix Comparison of Tube Materials

    -Thermal Performance
    -Schedule and Cost Estimates
    -Resistance to Failure Mechanisms
    -Galvanic & Water Quality Compatability
  • Bid Specifications
    Tube Material
    Contractor Installation
    Supplier Bid Review
  • Expert Evaluation
    Tube Vibration Analysis
    Staking Recommendations
    Connection and Sparger Desig
  • Uplift ForcesTurnkey Utility Representation
    Shop Inspections
    Tube Pullout Test
    Site Quality Assurance
    Technical Oversight


Thermal Performance Testing Expert Testimony
Technical RepresentationQualifications


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Tube Condition Assessment &
Material Evaluations

Obtain a recommendation of the optimum retubing material selection after a review of resistance to existing & potential tube failure mechanisms including fluid-elastic vibration. Schedule and cost estimates are coupled with an accurately calculated material thermal performance of each metal to present a clear impact of total evaluated costs for each option (capital and performance). Other items such as galvanic compatibility and compatibility with available circulating water system data and recent water quality datum are checked based on customer supplied datum.

Condenser Retubing Options & Alternatives
Obtain a comparison of the impact on performance and O&M of a one-for-one retubing to sleeving/lining, modular rebundling, and partial retubing.
-Estimated cost of each alternative w/installation schedule
-Weighing site-specific advantages/disadvantages of each option in terms of thermal performance, maintenance, vibration, hydraulic and corrosion resistance
-Comparison to "Do Nothing" Option that captures current O&M

Detailed Material & Contractor Specifications 
Quality Assurance Shop Inspections
To ensure you receive a quality product that meets all of your specification requirements for tube mill and/or manufacturer's of modular or shop tubed units or individual components (tubesheets, waterboxes)

Site Project Supervision
Ensures the contractor is keeping schedule while providing a quality job.
Full Utility Representation Throughout the Retubing Project