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The B.E.S. advantage boils down to three major factors: unmatched credibility in the field of power plant cooling water systems, experience in providing testimony, and effective reports and exhibits from the professional staff.

Burns Engineering Services is internationally known and used as experts in cooling tower and condenser design, retrofitting, performance testing, power uprates, & generation impact studies. Our employees have been involved with cooling systems since the 1950’s, working with and for major cooling tower and condenser manufacturers and AE firms.  

The credentials of our lead expert witness, John Burns, are unimpeachable. Not only does he have over 40 years of experience in the field of power plant cooling systems. He has been granted patents for condenser design, chairs relevant ASME committees on condensers & cooling towers, & is a prolific author of papers and studies in the field. He has received numerous accolades from professional organizations for his exemplary work.  No one has better experience in the condenser and cooling tower field. To review his CV, click here. 

Not only is he a leader in his field, he is also experienced in providing expert testimony for a broad range of clients and forums. His personal testimony and written expertise have been sought in both the public and private sphere, and his expert opinions have shaped the development of federal environmental regulatory policy as well as the course of arbitrations, litigations, and public hearings. 

But B.E.S. offers more- our clients have the full resources of the company augmenting the strong witness to provide a superior quality and polish to the testimony. Our clients get not only a superb witness, but a technically competent support staff able to prepare professional reports, presentations, and visual aids that clearly, interestingly, and effectively communicate even complex scientific concepts to non-engineers. The added backing of the team allows more flexibility in accommodating the accelerated schedules so often required with this type of work with greater polish, clarity, and impact than the typical technical expert alone. 

We have provided expert testimony and reports for Fortune 500 companies and industry giants like AES, Dynegy, Entergy, and well-known organizations like UWAG, EEI, and the Dept. of Energy. 

To request more information on how we might help you with expert testimony, please click here.