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How Burns Engineering Services can help generators achieve Clean Water Act 316(b) compliance

As part of any comprehensive 316(b) demonstration study, or alternative design and construction technology plan, we provide:

Detailed investigation of CW flow reduction optimization
2) Retrofit Impacts of alternative cooling technologies to determine the best technology available (BTA) criteria that is economically desirable.
3) Expert Testimony 

One must thoroughly consider site-specific factors that realistically define the costs of 316(b) compliance which are often overlooked. Yet these compliance costs have an enormous impact on a proper 316(b) evaluation and are not easily defined.

Burns Engineering Services identifies the site-specific modifications required for a conversion with an accurate estimate of capital costs. Our retrofit evaluation reflects the impact on all the circulating water system components. The seasonal and peak demand period consequences on plant generation are included as well, giving a realistic cost determination to support your facility.

Therefore, whether through flow reduction measures or a detailed closed-cycle retrofit evaluation, we provide your utility a concrete, multi-level plan that will best support future operation to comply with the new regulations laid out in CWA 316(b).

Let us support your facility throughout the NPDES permitting process.
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